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Publications of RIAFE

  1. allSample survey of economic results in Farm Accountany Data Network (FADN) for 2011 in Slovakia
    Abstract: The report presents an overview of the main results of economic, financial and manufacturing indicators in selected farms for accountancy year 2014 in Slovakia. The survey was based on unified methodology established by Council Regulation (EC) No 1217/2009 of 30 November 2009 setting up a network for the collection of accountancy data on the incomes and business operation of agricultural holdings in the European Community and related additional rules. Farms providing data were selected for the sample following a specific classification system to ensure the representativeness of the sample by economic farm size and type of farming.
    More informations : Ing. Katarína Gajdošíková Tel.: 00 421 2/58 243 237
  2. allCosts agricultural products in SR
    Abstract : The present publication Information Research Institute of Agricultural and Food contains the results of a selected set of farms in 2010 divided by production areas. The publication data are processed on the actual costs of selected plant and animal products and other economic data to assess the efficiency of production. This publication is prepared on the basis of data provided to us by respondents selected file. Due to the gradual decline in the number of these data should be regarded as indicative. For the 2010 data provided by a single survey 80 businesses (PD, spol., As Com. Al.). The resulting calculations and other indicators used for evaluation of economics of the main agricultural products are prepared according to uniform methodology, costing of agricultural products (author: Ing. A. Cenigová, 2000). They are processed according to the production areas of Slovakia. The methodology is binding on the respondents selected the file, and can serve as a reference model for the compilation of the resulting calculations in other agricultural business entities. Monitoring the cost of each product is methodologically and organizationally challenging, because beyond the scope of mandatory accounts. Before processing, the cost is considerable attention to factual accuracy of information controls. When multiple control data and removing irregularities compiled summary reports. Data on the cost of agricultural commodities are available on the website of the Institute and in the form of this brochure. The information is a true picture of cost of agricultural products in differentiated conditions in Slovakia. Additional summary reports are developed for research purposes in a different classification and cost structure. The results presented in the publication are used primarily to evaluate the efficiency of production of agricultural products in different environmental conditions, in forecasting agricultural policy, various analyzes and comparisons of costs, as well as also in quantifying damage to plant products caused by drought or floods
    More informations : A. Trubačová  Tel.: 00 421 2/ 58 243 296
  3. all Situation and outlook reports
    Abstract : it shall be done by selected commodity crop and livestock production in collaboration with the Department of Trade and promotion MPRV SR. Include analysis of the development of that material balance of commodities and the economic calendar years, short term, information on regulatory and policy support to the market in Slovakia and the EU, pricing information and information on commodity markets in the EU and the world. Reports research team develops the agricultural market department under the direction of Ing. M. Jamborová. They are continuously provided to members of expert committees, government bodies and their organizational units, the relevant professional bodies, departmental CEI. Reports are the initial source of information to the processing of policy documents, analyzes, comparative studies, thesis and dissertations, and market information for the wider public. They are issued only in full-text online version of the website VÚEPP.

    More informations : Ing. M. Jamborová Tel.: 00 421 2/ 58 243 233
  4. all Green reports SR
    Abstract : nnual report on agriculture and food industry in the Slovak Republic which shall inform the Ministry of Agriculture of the government, parliament and the general professional and general public on the development of agri-food sector, the economic-financial situation of businesses in the agriculture and food Industry, on the implementation of goals and objectives of the Programme agricultural development and food concepts Agrarian and Food Policy SR, the Manifesto and evaluates performance goals adopted in previous reports of green.

    More informations : RNDr. S. Krížová Tel.: 00 421 2/ 58 243 368