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Instruction for Authors of Paper

The scientific periodical, Economics of Agriculture, publishes original papers that have not been published to date; papers are dedicated to the issues of agricultural economics and policy (sector economics, commodity economics, farm economics, domestic and international markets, international economic integration, socio-economic issues of agriculture and rural development, information technologies). The periodical comprises further sections: Scientific Papers; Information from abroad; Reviews and Consultations; Discussion, Extention service; Statistical Reviews; Book Reviews and Supplements.


The papers that reflect the profile of the periodical are published in Slovak, Czech or English languages.


The papers title will be short and accurate. An Abstract will follow after the title, 10 lines long, in English and Slovak languages. Next come 4 to 6 key words in English and Slovak languages separated by hyphens.


Text of contribution will be written in MS Word editor (.doc; docx). Contributions written in pdf format are not accepted. Tables, graphs and other impressions (for example pictures and maps) will be provided apart from text. Word editor will be used also for tables creation, i.e. all tables will be editable in Word. Graphs will be presented in MS Excel (.xls) and they will include original data. Pictures in JPGE or TIF format will be provided in high resolution (min. 300 dpi). All graphs and pictures will be numbered continually, i.e. their order will correspond with text.


In terms of the number of pages, the paper in the section Papers will contain between 10 and 15 standard pages, including tables and graphs, or supplementary exhibits and graphs. In other sections, the number of pages will vary.


References and bibliographic quotations (references to literature) will comply with ISO 690 International Standard. References are placed after the text, at the end of the paper.


The author/authoress is responsible for the original contents of his/her paper and correctness in terms of the presented facts and format. Also, the author/authoress will give his/her contact address of his/her workplace, or home address, and also telephone number, fax, and e-mail and specify his/her academic distinctions. Manuscripts are not returned to authors, if not requested.


Papers are to be delivered to the address of the RIAFE Editorial Office; the Editorial Office, the Editorial Office reserves the right to forward the manuscript for a reader's review.


The Editorial Board approves of the publishing of the individual papers based on the evaluation of their appropriateness for the periodical and readers' evaluations.


For detailed Instructions for Authors of Papers, please contact the Editorial Office at RIAFE, Bratislava.


Documents, information and knowledge gained from the scientific journal “Economics of Agriculture” can be used only for educational and scientific purposes and for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes. The use of information, knowledge and data obtained from the journal shall be governed by generally accepted principles of scientific publishing and respect for copyright, i.e. it is necessary to respect the principles of citation and references. The contents of the relevant scientific and professional articles are copyrighted. For processing, translation, adaptation, inclusion in the collective work, exposure, exercise or transfer of the document is required the consent of the copyright holder. Reserved is also the right to consent to reproduction and public dissemination of reproduction, sale or other form of transfer of ownership. Without the consent only short part of particular treatise or a document in the form of citations can be used, only for the purpose of review, criticism, or to teaching, resp. scientific research purposes. Scope of citations may not go beyond its reasonable purpose.


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