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In 2001 he started a new Institute publishes the scientific journal "Agricultural Economics". This magazine should establish a tradition of press forum of scientific communication agrarian economists and other scientists and researchers working in related social sciences, the object of interest which is agriculture, countryside and food production all vertical.
We hope readers will find even among experts in business practice, government and educational institutions, as well as among students. We want to create a national scientific journal as an institution that would be considered as an attribute of existence led by the Department in national community. Our ambition is to publish scientific papers of the Department of Agrarian economics and related disciplines, created the work of Sciences, universities and workplaces sectoral scientific research institutes. Priority will publish empirical nature of the work, analyzes and projections of economic developments at sectoral and company level, but also welcome theoretical and methodological contributions that will make a contribution to raising the scientific methodology in the field. Furthermore, we publish work dealing with the structural changes in the socio-economic implications of agri-food sector and the transformation to be performed on the functioning of institutions, especially regulatory and intervention, which affect the status and operation of market players himself. Profile of the magazine will be provided by assessment of the effects of agrarian policies, particularly in the context of integration and globalization tendencies.
Attention will also give information on scientific activities, new publications at home and abroad as well as the statistical annex, where we would like to publish data that may be useful in creating a personal database of our readers.

Sectoral economics

Commodity economics

Farm business management

Domestic and international markets

International economic integration

Socio-economic issues of agriculture

Information technologies

Chairman of Editorial Board:
doc. Ing. Štefan Buday, PhD.

Editor: Ing. Ivan Masár

Editorial Office:
National Agricultural and Food Centre
Research Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics
Trenčianska 55
824 80 Bratislava

tel: +421 2/5824 3317,
      +421 2/5824 3251

The journal is published four times a year.

ISSN  1338 - 6336  -  online verzion