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Workload of departments

Department of Economic Analysis and Modelling

  • evaluates the economic performance of agriculture and food sector in the Slovak Republic, including the tax credit system and the solution of risk in agriculture enterprises
  • focuses on the issues related to the food safety in terms of food security and food consumption, food prices and food expenditure
  • creates a predictions and model solutions in terms of economic status of Slovak agriculture within the CAP
  • develops conceptual and supporting documents, ad hoc analysis and expertises related to the creation and implementation of economic policy according to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the SR
  • is in charge of compilation of the Economic Accounts for Agriculture in cooperation with the Statistical Office of the SR
  • evaluates and predicts the economic, social and environmental impacts of the policies implemented within the agricultural sector of the SR: these outputs should contribute to more precise formulation of multidimensional stabilization conditions of agricultural production and rural development, more efficient allocation of public budget for the sector and modelling new scenarios of the rural development policy effects
  • is responsible for creation and development of so-called " Green report" - Report on agriculture and food sector in the Slovak Republic

Head of Dpt.:  RNDr. Slávka Krížová


Department of Rural Development and Agrarian Trade

  • examines the social aspects of agriculture and rural
  • examines the effectiveness of Structural Fund support for the development of rural areas
  • deals with methodological issues and develop proposals for evaluation and monitoring of socio-economic development of rural areas, solving the territorial structure and the regional classification
  • methodological issues and the drafting of the evaluation and monitoring implementation of the Rural Development Programme and SOP Agriculture and Rural
  • updates data on agricultural land, determining the value of land development and research of the land market
  • development of agri-food trade at home and abroad, trade policy of World Trade Organization (WTO)

Head of Dpt.:  Ing. Gabriela Grausová


Department of Informatics

Farm Accountancy Data Network

  • collects and verifies accountancy information from farms for the EU FADN and carries out additional activities referred to the EC regulations;
  • updates the Selection plan of farms, including 523 holdings clustered by economic size class and type of farming;
  • composes and issues an annual report on the results obtained in the data processing;
  • now the focus is concerned on the new farm return and new format of data transmission to the EU database.

Agrarian market

  • prepares analyses and reports on the situation and predictions of agricultural commodities,
  • carries out balances of food and agricultural commodities, short-term perspectives and other information for Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, EC, FAO etc.
  • participates in research tasks solved at the Institution.

Central Database

  • centralizes the agricultural data and data on food from statistical surveys, questionnaires, various available resources;
  • manages and controls, checks and process data to surveys, summary tables, aggregations, clusters; based on the requirements of the researchers;
  • perform administration, coordination and technical support of information technologies and network in the Institution.

Head of Dpt. :   Ing. Elena Šípová PhD.


Department of Economics and Administration

  • ensures work associated with the general activities of the institute and its departments,
  • in collaboration with trade unions and individual services department handles the financial plan and budget of the Institute,
  • within the approved budget, a financing and material-technical supply,
  • keep accounts
  • prepares analyzes of economic management department, statistical and financial statements.

Head of Dpt.:  Oľga Kiššová