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National Agricultural and Food Centre
Branch: Research Institute of Agriculture and Food Economics

History of the Institute:

Its historic predecessor, a branch of the Prague-based Farm Management and Accounting Institute was established in 1919 and later reorganized several times.

The Institute is responsible for applied economic research in agriculture and food sectors, collecting and processing of knowledge generated in the field of basic economic research and in other related scientific disciplines.

The institute provides sectoral economic analyses and surveys on agricultural products´ economics. It is also monitoring the agro-food market situation. It conducts research on socio-economic issues of agriculture and rural areas. The Institute contributes to setting up governmental documents and strategies. Research teams of the Institute work on several projects on assessment of economic and social impacts of EU membership on agriculture and rural areas.

The Institute participates in international research projects and also cooperates with international institutions, such as FAO, OECD, DG AGRI and World Bank.